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This is an app for simple Physical Counting.Just scan the barcodes of your items, all data will be sync to our backend system on the cloud, so that you can download the data in csv format or event manage your stock in our system.

This app is Light and Simple!All input process can be done by scanning the barcodes on your items. To scan the barcode, you can use rear camera of iPhone or iPod, or, you can use AsReader if you want to scan more efficiently. AsReader is the most robost industrial barcode reader for iPod. For more information please refer to Http://

This app fully support the functions of AsReader, barcode and RFID version. If you have already using RFID in you warehouse, this app + AsReader is the one that you have to check it out.

In our system, you can manage more than one warehouses or storages,it is very easy to extend. All data not only synced to the cloud, they also saved locally, so that you can view the history data not only on the clould, but also on the app in your ipod.

Function list in the app

  • System Setting
  • Login
  • Physical Counting
  • History view
    • Physical Counting History
    • Physical vs Book
  • Stock Querying

Besides the functions above, we also provide you a ton of listing and managing fucntions on the backend system.