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Client application

Download and install

Please install the app by searching for "AsOrder" and "AsApp" in the AppStore。

Account application

After the initial installation, if the account information has not been set, when you launch the app, account application screen will be displayed。 In the case of non-first time, you can transition to account application screen in the "Settings" >> "application" in the login screen。

Enter the required information in the application screen, please do the application by pressing the "register" button。

※If the information you input is wrong, that you can not receive the account information for the new registration, please press the "Register" button on the check that it is always correct information。



After applying for an account, information of the setting screen is automatically set. There is no need to fundamentally change. We'll explain each setting。

Server URL
You set the URL of the management system. Please do not fix everyday. If you are wrong, you will not be able to, such as login and data transmission and reception。
Company code
The application to the company code. Please put this code be sure to note. It is also required when you log in to the management screen.
Order destination code
Order destination code that is registered in order destination master of management screen. For a new account, it will be set demonstration warehouse code is being generated.
Terminal ID
management screen[Terminal management]Terminal code that was registered to. For a new account, it will be set demonstration terminal code have been generated
Personnel code
Personnel code that was registered to the responsible master of management screen. For a new account, it will be set demonstration in charge of code have been produced.



Log in password that you set in the terminal.

Date is the default "today". If you want to order entry other than "today", please register to be changed.

Login order.PNG

Business function

You can register the order data.

Business menu order.PNG


It reads the bar code of the product to order, enter the quantity, and then register it. If you read the bar code twice, it is quantity 2 and the count. After reading the bar code, it can also be a number "2".

When the product master is on, after reading displays the product name.

Also the product master is not registered, it is possible to register. However, in this case, it is the master registration later, please "provision" process. By doing so, even if the master registration becomes iron, it does not stop the operation

In addition, barcode, but it is also possible operation of using the iOS of the camera, using AsReader, because you realize the high-speed reading, you are more advanced operation.

Ordering order.PNG


The list screen for confirming the registered contents。


Order list

It will show the registered order data。

By changing the date, you can also refer to data for the past day.

Order list detail order.PNG

Log out

Press "log out" button, you logout.

Web management View

Master management

According to the guide ,you can get the registered function . you can easily register and get set up one by one.

Terminal management

You can know about the manage information by iPhone or iPod touch .Each warehouse corresponding to a number.

For using system ,you need alicense for each terminal.

You must get the vaild license in order to use AsOrder system .Each new AsReader can be used limited in two

month. If the certificate out of date ,you must purchase the new .Note every device has the unique UUID .

You can login the termial to manage your device.

Operater management

You can set the charge for data registration to the system。

Who Please use, for example, if you want to manage whether it was registered。

Product management

Products, material, and so is the master of what to manage。

For goods which have a master setting, so that you can do and to display the "Product Name" when

reading the bar code。

It should be noted, only that there is a product master, or not allowed to register, whether the cause is a

registered, you can be in the configuration of each terminal。

Ordering management

"Owner" is a master can be registered in the order of registration. If necessary, please use it。

Ordering party management

You can register at the time of order registration is the master of the "contractor". If necessary, please use。

Sales-side management

You can register the product master and string pickled been vendor master. It can be used to aggregate the supplier by order。

User management

It is a master of setting the user that use the web management screen. At first, it has become only the administrative user, if it is used in more than one person, please be managed by this master。

Roll management

It is a master of authority for the user to enter the above-mentioned web management screen。

You can set whether to pass any authority。

Classification management

When ordering registration, you will be able to make the segmenting of data to be registered。

For example, such as "normal", "stock shortage", "for sale", by registering in advance, it is divided by the order Deta。

License management

This is the master that manages the license of each terminal. For license purchase, web site, or, please contact such as a customer service representative。

Business Management

You can search the data that has been registered in the terminal。

Put the conditions, please search. Search criteria, you can even be displayed you can hide, so it is useful if you want to use large list screen。

In addition, the retrieved data, it is also possible to download in CSV。

Order list

You can confirm the registered order in the list。