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Client application

Download and install

Please install the app by searching for "AsTime" and "AsApp" in the AppStore。

Account application

After the initial installation, if the account information has not been set, when you launch the app, account application screen will be displayed。 In the case of non-first time, you can transition to account application screen in the "Settings" >> "application" in the login screen。

Enter the required information in the application screen, please do the application by pressing the "register" button。 ※If the information you input is wrong, that you can not receive the account information for the new registration, please press the "Register" button on the check that it is always correct information。



 After applying for an account, information of the setting screen is set automatically. There is no need to fundamentally change. We'll explain each setting。

Server URL
You set the URL of the management system. Please do not fix everyday. If you are wrong, you will not be able to, such as login and data transmission and reception。
Terminal ID
management screen[Terminal management]Terminal code that was registered to. For a new account, it will be set demonstration terminal code have been generated。
Company code
The application to the company code. Please put this code be sure to note.It is also required when you log in to the management screen。
Event code
management screen[Event management]Event code that was registered to. For a new account, it will be set terminal code for the demo is being generated. Such as exhibitions, please set if you want to use to some event。



Segment that has been set in the data classification management(for example, attendance, break start, break end, such as clock-out) is displayed in the tab on the left side of the screen。

Select the tab, by reading the bar code which can identify an individual, such as employee ID cards, the registration is completed。


Web management screen

Data Management System

Before you put into practical use AsTime system , the data management needs through the system, one by one to enter the actual business use of data。

Terminal management

iPhone and iPod touch is as the master that manages the terminal information.The terminal is managed by the numbering system.

For this system, you need a license for each terminal。

You can use the terminal ID to manage the iPhone or the iPod touch device.

However ,You must get the vaild license in order to use Aszai system .Each new AsReader can be used limited

in two month.

If the certificate out of date ,you must purchase the new .Note every device has the unique UUID .You can

login the termial to manage your device.

User management

It is a master of setting the user that use the web management screen. At first, it has become only the

administrative user, if it is used in more than one person, It must be managed by this master。

Role management

It is a master of authority for the user to enter the above-mentioned web management screen。

You can set whether you pass the authority。

Data classification management

Attendance ,break start ,break end etc. You can get the time of those information from data classification


Segment which has been registered here, who will appear as a tab that can be selected on the left side

of the reading screen。

Event management

Register the event, it can be set in terminal。

For example, to register the "exhibition", by embossing at the exhibition venue, it will be appended to be

an event "exhibition" to the data。

Company information management

You can register their information。

License management

This is the master that manages the license of each terminal. For license purchase, web site, or, please

contact such as a customer service representative。

Business management

You can search the data that has been registered in the terminal。

Put the conditions, please search. Search criteria, you can displayed or hide, so it is useful if you

want to use large list screen。

In addition, the retrieved data, it is also possible to download in CSV。

Time List

You can check the registered attendance data in the list。